International Raw Materials Observatory

Global cooperation on mineral raw materials

Diplomacy, dialogue & independent expert analysis

Intraw Observatory

The International Raw Materials Observatory is a not for profit international association, created to support worldwide cooperation on mineral raw materials’ research & innovation, education & outreach, industry & trade and recycling, management & substitution of strategic raw materials.

Mineral raw materials are the focus area of the International Raw Materials Observatory and diplomacy, dialogues, independent expert analysis and foresight are the main tools used to advance international cooperation, informed policymaking and better governance of mineral raw materials.

The set of values of the International Raw Materials Observatory is built around the concept of honest broker, acting as an impartial international mediator specialised in the minerals value chain to support international cooperation and exchange of best practice. To ensure its independence, the Observatory combines an offer of exclusive services to members with an offer of services to the marketplace.

Our services

Reports & Factsheets

on mineral raw materials

A World Barometer

providing members with periodic reports on opportunities and threats relating to mineral raw materials provision

A Data Repository

offering open access to background information relevant for the raw materials sector

Foresight studies

on sector trends


A platform for dialogues

on mineral raw materials thanks to exclusive high-level summits involving representatives of international intergovernmental organisations