The International Raw Materials Observatory is joining forces with the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) and the Initiative on Forensic Geology (IFG), an initiative of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), to organise a workshop on the emerging scientific field of traceability of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) on 14 November 2023, 14:00-18:00 CET, in Brussels and online.

The workshop entitled Responsible Sourcing and Traceability of CRM will be organised as a side event of the EU Raw Materials Week 2023.

About the workshop

Civilisation would not exist as we know it without the mineral resource upon which it relies. The future demand for critical geological raw materials is likely to increase significantly into the future. These materials include base metals, rare earth elements, platinum group metals (PGM), and certain metals such as cobalt, tungsten, tantalum and tin (3Ts) that mainly originate in areas of armed conflict. Their demand is driven by the need of new and alternative energy conversion technologies for the ‘Green Transition’, for information technology, and for the necessary infrastructure around the world. However, unfortunately, criminal activities may be often present in the supply-webs of these mineral raw materials. The respective beneficiaries are often well-organised syndicates, criminal gangs, cartels, or even terrorist groups.

The objective of this workshop is to provide an overview of how geologists, working together with international law enforcement, have an increasing role to help detect and deter crimes such as falsified documents of origin, theft, extortion, fakery, substitution, adulteration, and other fraud. Methods for provenance determination (predictive geolocation) and traceability are also presented to verify that such critical raw materials are responsibly sourced.


  • Laurance Donnely, IUGS-IFG
  • Fabiana Di Lorenzo / Mrs. Anna Stancher, RMI
  • Jean-Claude Guillaneau, BRGM
  • Christopher Keane, AGI
  • Nathan Williams, MineSpider
  • Marko Komac, INTRAW & EFG
  • Mieke Thierens, International Peace Information Service (IPIS)
  • Ludivine Wouters, Latitude Five

The event will be organised at the official venue of the EU Raw Materials Week 2023:

Hotel Le Plaza Brussels

Blvd Adolphe Max 118-126
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Considering the high interest in the event, online participation is also possible. Please note that not all of the presentations will be streamed. 

14:00: Opening and Introduction – Prof Marko Komac, INTRAW and EFG PoE coordinator on Natural Hazards

14:05: Welcome – Glen Burridge, EFG

14:10: The role of an industry association in responsible sourcing – Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo, RMI

14:30: Minespider – Mine to Manufacturer Traceability – Mr. Nathan Williams, Founder & CEO, MineSpider

14:50: Sustainable investments with added value in Africa and responsible sourcing of CRM for Europe – Dr Jean-Claude Guillaneau, BRGM

15:10: An Overview of Crimes in the Global Mining, Minerals and Metals Industries and the Mitigation of Associated Risks – Dr Laurance Donnelly, IUGS-IFG and AHK (only for onsite participants)

15:30: Capital, Conscience, and Chains: US Challenges and Choices Post Dodd-Frank – Dr Christopher Keane, AGI

15:50: Question and Answer session – Prof Marko Komac, INTRAW and EFG PoE coordinator on Natural Hazards

16:10: Break

16:40: The Traceability and Provenance Determination of Minerals Associated with Illegal Mining and Illicit Minerals in the Global Supply Chain – Dr Laurance Donnelly, IUGS-IFG and AHK (only for onsite participants)

17:00: Balancing Criticality and Responsibility in Mineral Value Chains – Mieke Thierens, International Peace Information Service (IPIS), and Ludivine Wouters, Latitude Five

17:20: Discussion and Q&A Session – Prof Marko Komac, INTRAW and EFG PoE coordinator on Natural Hazards

17:50: Workshop closure – Vitor Correia, INTRAW

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