A workshop in the frame of Raw materials week organized by European Commission, DG Growth

INTRAW Consortium is co-organizing a workshop in the frame of Raw materials week (Brussels, 28 November – 2 December 2016 organized by European Commission, DG Growth). In this workshop participants will be invited to comment and elaborate on three different possible futures for global raw materials provisioning in 2050. This attempt to look into the long-term future of the mineral raw materials world will be used to explore two pathways: 1) how to prepare for the three scenarios; and 2) which is the desired scenario and how to safeguard against the others. A certificate for attendance will be provided if requested.

Venue: VIP room (Museum of Natural Sciences), Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels


  1. European Federation of Geologists (EFG)
  2. Fraunhofer (IAO)
  3. Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB)
  4. Belgium-Luxembourg Union of Geologists (BLUG)

Conditions for participation: Open to public, previous inscription required.

Email for information: [email protected]

The registration is closed. More information are available here. You can download the Scenarios here